About Us

Zohak Technology

ZTech (Zohak Technology) Deals in Computers, Communications, Networking, Power Solutions and General Supplies . Zohak Technology specializes in Network infrastructure and maintenance provides a true and complete network solution these affordable high-quality solutions range from generic IT services to customized software and hardware development kits for various platforms.

The Zohak Technology IT Services provide end-to-end management and implementation of the entire network infrastructure through a range of interrelated services.

Zohak Technology has position itself to be a network solution provider and dedicated to providing high-quality network infrastructure, maintenance, LAN installment, IT services etc.

Zohak Technology is focusing on servicing all size businesses (from smallest to Enterprise), bringing to central Texas the most advanced and competent Technical support in Network Integration and Design, Telephony systems

We do mention that we are doing all these serious jobs in close contact with national and international companies and experts. We push our company and our staff to the best of update requirements.